среда, 16 марта 2011 г.

Urxvt and JLine fix for Home, End keys

I’m getting mad when Java application(especially Scala) with readline functionality powered by JLine in urxvt. Looks like urxvt emits HOME,END keycodes different from ones emmited by Xterm. And JLine in turn is adopted for Xterm and have these values hardcoded in sources. To get the HOME,END keys working as expected in JLine application add following lines to your .Xdefaults:

urxvt*keysym.Home: \033[H
urxvt*keysym.End: \033[F

The idea is to remap the keys to it’s Xterm values. JLine then catches em as expected.

Also according to Scala mailing list JLine version compiled into Scala contains some regression and DEL is working like backspace. This is fixed in latest version of JLine, which will be adopted for Scala in it’s newer versions. 2.9 is coming soon. At least the snapshots are already there.

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