суббота, 24 марта 2012 г.

Something about open source contributions

Below is my experience on contributions to my github repos that I've got popular enough to receive contribs:

Some day you open up your mail and see the notification about new pull request opened on your proj. After checking the diff you see the horrible code. You just can't afford this bad code in your project so you ask the guy behind the request to revise his code giving him some directions on what he've done wrong also asking him to write a unit test for his changes to ensure they work as expected.

He does what you require without any commitment(dunno why really) and of course don't do any unit tests. Rockstar-style devs think tests are boring. I admit they are. But they increase your productivity slowly but steadily.

So when this guy's second attempt to get his code into your rep gets banned because of me as a original dev not being satisfied by absence of care about this code and the actual app ecosystem he starts to complain that "official' thing is not accepting his awesome creation.

In the end you just accept this changes in state they're for this guy to finally shut up and stop complaining.

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